About the university:

In 1990 Gomel State Medical University was founded as per resolution of the Council of Ministers and Order of the Minister of Health of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The main campus of Gomel State Medical University is located in downtown Gomel, with 18 adjacent clinical sites spread across the city. Education at Gomel State Medical University includes five to six-year programs in basic and clinical medical science. Graduates of the University obtain M.D. degree and are required to complete a minimum of a one-year internship in order to practice clinical medicine. Education of foreign students at Gomel State Medical University started in 2003.

Academic licenses granted by the university and Offering Programs

Organization of the educational process

Education in the educational institution “Gomel State Medical University” is conducted according to the programs of higher medical education of the first stage in full-time (full-time) training. The term of study in full-time (full-time) form is 6 years in the specialties “Medicine”, 5 years in the specialty “Medical and diagnostic business”.

The educational process includes the following steps:

-theoretical training takes place over two semesters (autumn lasts from September to January, spring – from February to June);

-the examination session ends each semester (January and June);

-educational and industrial practice;

– holidays are provided to students after each semester: two weeks in winter and at least four weeks in summer;

– preparation at the university ends with final certification in the form of state examinations.

-The main forms of students’ learning activities are lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory classes, and independent work.

Control of students’ knowledge is carried out in the form of tests and exams, which ends the study of each discipline.

6th year students of the Faculty of Medicine are trained in subordination, which is the stage of in-depth training of a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology and resuscitation, pediatrics, general medical practice, therapy, surgery.

Since January 2016, the Practical Training Laboratory has been functioning at the university. The training of students of 1-6 courses of all faculties is provided, which allows to provide high-quality practical training in accordance with the requirements of the Educational Standards, taking into account the periods of students’ entry into work practice and the possibility of their independent practical activities in the positions of paramedical and medical personnel.


Medical Faculty

Faculty of Medicine and Diagnostics

Faculty of International Students

Faculty of pre-university training

Faculty of advanced training and retraining

Admission and Requirements.


1. Without entrance examinations (Chapter 4, clause 24 of the Admission Rules):

– winners (diplomas of I, II, III degree) of international Olympiads and republican Olympiads in chemistry and biology, held in the academic year, upon admission to medical specialties.

– persons awarded during the last two years at the time of receiving general secondary, secondary specialized education with the badges “Laureate of the Special Naga Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the Satsyalnaya Padtrymtsy of the Prosperous Navuchentsev and Students” and (or) “Laureate of the Special Naga Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the Padtrymtsy of the Republic of Belarus “high achievements in certain subject areas, corresponding to the chosen profile (direction) of education.

2. Out of competition (decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated June 5, 2020 No. 209 (Chapter 4, clause 26 of the Rules):

– For places remaining after enrollment of applicants on the basis of clause 24 of these rules, if there are marks in the document on education not lower than 6 (six) in the subjects of entrance examinations:

– Persons with a specialized secondary medical education who served (served in the reserve) in the year of admission or in the year preceding the year of admission, and who have recommendations from military units in the specialty of the education profile “Healthcare”

3. The HIGHEST SCORE is set to evaluate the results in the subject of the profile test “Biology” :

– Persons who have a diploma of secondary specialized education with honors in the specialty “General Medicine” and entering the specialty of higher education “General Medicine” and “Pediatrics” (Chapter 4, clause 25 of the Rules).

4. The HIGHEST SCORE is set to evaluate the results in the relevant subject of the entrance test:

– Winners (I degree diploma) of the third (regional, Minsk city) stage of the Republican Olympiad in academic subjects, held by the Ministry of Education in the academic year.

To enter the university, the applicant submits certificates of Centralized testing in three subjects to the admission committee:



Belarusian or Russian language (optional)


In 2023, applicants will enter according to the new admission rules Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated January 27, 2022 No. 23




1. The educational institution “Gomel State Medical University” (Gom SMU) has

started registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons constantly living in

foreign countries to the first year of the Faculty of General Medicine for

Overseas Students in the specialty of General Medicine:

on budget or paid basis – in accordance with the international agreements of

the Republic of Belarus – until July 15th;

on contract payment basis upon completion of the Preliminary Course of

Gomel State Medical University and passing of the final exams – until July 15th;

on contract payment basis upon the results of the entry exams on

Russian/English and on the core subjects (Chemistry, Biology) whose knowledge

must be adequate to do the MD program – until October 15th


2. The terms of holding the entry exams for foreign citizens – August 26th –

October 15th

, 2020.

3. The terms of the document collection – June 10th – September 10th

, 2020.

Foreign students come to study to our country after they obtain a student visa,

issued by embassies and consulates of the Republic of Belarus on the ground of an


To get an invitation to study in Belarus, you are to submit to the Dean`s office of

the Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students (per post, fax, e-mail) the

following documents (copies):

 copy of national valid passport;

 copy of Higher Secondary School Examination certificate reflecting subjects

and examination marks;

 application to be issued an invitation.

Admission documents to be presented upon arrival in Belarus

– application to the Rector of the school to be admitted to the first year;

– application to the Rector of the school to be allowed to take the entry exams;

– valid passport and birth certificate;

– original school leaving certificates reflecting subjects and examination

marks (or Higher Secondary School Examination Certificate with Chemistry,

Biology and English examination marks);

– original medical certificate issued by an official health institution in the

applicant`s home country about health condition which certifies to study in

the Republic of Belarus;

– HIV certificate issued by a state medical establishment which enables a

foreign citizen to study in the climatic conditions of Belarus;

– 9 photos 3×4 cm;

– copy of the invitation letter.

The documents in a foreign language are to be translated in Russian and attested by

a notary public.

4. The final decision about the admission of a foreign citizen to the Faculty of

General Medicine for Overseas Students is made by the Acceptance Board of

the school, approved by the Rector`s Order of June 2, 2020.

5. To be enrolled to the school, foreign applicants must:

– effect a contract for obligatory medical insurance in accordance with the

legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

– enter into the Contract ‘On training of a specialist with higher education on

terms of payment for foreign citizens with Gomel State Medical University.

– Pass medical examination confirming the absence of contraindications

(besides this, students pass medical examination annually). In case of

revealing any discrepancy between the certificate results issued in a home

country and the medical examination results in Belarus, an applicant must

leave the country within 10 days.

– Submit the documents to be registered at the Citizenship and Migration


– Pay the tuition fee for the first term as per the contract;

– Conclude a tenancy contract hostel accommodation and pay the hostel fee

for six months ahead

Fees structure and details

From 09/01/2022, the cost of tuition on a paid basis for the 2022-2023 academic year will be 3,490 rubles.


accounting department: +375 (232) 35-97-45

on the issues of contracts for paid education: +375 (232) 35-97-10 (dean’s office of the Leningrad Faculty), +375 (232) 35-97-13 (dean’s office of the MDF)

for pricing: +375 (232) 35-97-57 (planning and economic department)

To make a payment you need:

STEP 1. Choose

Item “Settlement System” (ERIP)

Education and development

Higher education


Gomel State Medical University

STEP 2. Choose a paid service

Medical services (service code 1522404)

Education 1-6th year, residency (service code 5824)

Dormitory students, employees (service code 7224)

Practicing lessons (service code 7174)

Preparatory department (service code 7194)

Course attendance (service code 1523024)

Other services (service code 7304)

STEP 3. Follow the prompts to make a payment.

Attention 1st year students!

“Student card” which includes:

– student ticket;

– bank payment card;

– admission to the territory of the university;

– library card.

The card is issued centrally at the branch of JSC “Belinvestbank”.

The card will be issued to students, including students on a paid basis.

Get a card at the GomGMU. IMPORTANT! Days and times will be specified additionally, about which you will be notified by the deans).

Detailed information about the loyalty program on the website

OJSC “Belinvestbank”

JSC “ASB Belarusbank” provides preferential loans for education in accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated December 17, 2002 No. cooperation and institutions of higher education and institutions of higher education of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus on a paid basis” and loans for education in institutions of higher and secondary specialized education at the expense of the bank.

And also, Belarusbank OJSC provides loans for consumer needs within the framework of the youth lending program under the age of 31 (inclusive) as of the date of registration of the application form.

“Strong start” – for citizens studying in institutions of higher education of all forms of education not lower than the third year (including undergraduates and postgraduates not lower than the second year of study) and receiving a scholarship.

“Serious plans” – for citizens who have a permanent source of income.

“Young family” – citizens (parent, adoptive parent, adopter) who have a permanent source of income, in the presence of a child.

Loans are issued on a credit card for up to 6 months.

For all questions, you can contact any branch of the bank, the department for issuing and supporting loans to the population on the street. Zhukova, 40A, tel.: 79 91 17, 79 91 18, 79 91 19, 79 91 20 or tel. 147.

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