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Towards achieving its Vision and fulfilling its Mission, the Gollis University subscribes to the following Values : Academic excellence by ensuring that the pursuit of academic excellence in teaching, research and service to the public is well recognised and forms an important part of the academic and organizational life of the institution. Academic integrity by ensuring that all the academic outputs are produced in line with international standards of academic integrity.

Gollis University Offering Programs

Undergraduate Programmes

School of Agro-Vet




Health Officer

Public Health

Medical Laboratory



Medicine and Surgery

School of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Architect And Urban Planning

Hydraulic And Water Resources Engineering


Computer Engineering


Business & Economics

Department of Economics

Department of Accounting

Department of Management

Department of HRM

Social Science

Department of SW

Department of DS

Department of LAW

Department of IR

School of Computer Studies


Software Engineering

Computer Science


(Islamic LAW)

Gollis University Admission and Requirements

Gollis University seeks to enroll students who can benefit from academic programs centered on small classes, a caring faculty and a safe, beautiful learning and living environment. Gollis offers two unique academic opportunities.

 1. Entrance Requirements and Procedures for Gollis University

Freshmen applicants for admission are evaluated on the following criteria:

High School Transcripts

Entrance Examination

Class rank and grade point average (GPA)

Recommendations and/or personal interviews, upon request

2. Recommended minimum academic criteria:

Required preparation: Secondary School Leaving Certificate or equivalent (Algebra – 2 years, English – 4 years, Social Sciences – 2 years, Science – 2 years)

High school trigonometry or pre-calculus is recommended for science, math, medicine, and Engineering majors

3. Application Procedures:

First-time applicants

Complete and sign the application for admission, and submit it in the Office of Admission and Student Records with the $25 nonrefundable application fee (30 for Medicine).

Sign the transcript request form and give it to the appropriate high school official.

Take an entrance examination

Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis and you will hear from us within two to three weeks after your application, high school record and test scores are received.

.4. Admission Statuses

Regular Acceptance

Regular acceptance indicates that the student has been granted admission to Gollis University and is eligible to enroll in classes. Enrollment conditions may apply if the student does not meet the recommended minimum requirements.



The university determines the admission criteria of medical students which is subject to change.

All admissions are made collectively by the Admission Committee.

The admission to the programme will be based on students’ interest and her/his performance (scores) in the Somaliland Higher Education Entrance Certificate Examination, which is given at the end of the last year of Secondary school.

Students should have grade A and B, particularly in Science, English and Mathematics classes.

Students with grade A will be given priority, but all students should have a minimum of grade B from the Pre-Medical Semester in order to be accepted to the medical degree.

Students must at all times be physically and mentally capable of completing the medical courses and subsequently practicing as a medical doctor.

Assessment for physical fitness and mental illness is mandatory before admission if the need arises.

Candidates, who, in the opinion of the Faculty, merit further consideration, may be called for an oral interview before the final selection is made.



All applicants shall be required to sit for an entry exam and should pass all of the following subjects:-







All applicants shall be required to submit an essay on a topic or topics so determined by the Admission Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. The purpose of the essay, besides evaluating one’s writing skills and ability of formulating thoughts, is to have some sense of the candidate’s potential as a health service provider to the sick and disabled.


Preselected students will normally be invited for an interview, which is conducted by the Admission Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. The main objective of the interview should only be for the sole purpose of assessing the following attributes of the candidates:

 1) Academic standing: An interview shall seek to determine the candidate’s academic competitiveness plus communication skills.

2) Extra-curricular activity: An interview shall also look into the candidate’s records on extra-curricular activities and, if applicable, in job performances.

3) General awareness and sense of values: A candidate’s awareness of the community he/she lives in and the sense of values, sensitivities, and concerns he/she might have on social and cultural issues shall be assessed.

4) General physical/mental condition of the aspiring student: The candidate’s overall physical and mental status will be made without conducting a formal medical examination.

Gollis University Fees structure and details

Contact information:

Address: Ibrahim Khodobuur Road, Red sea area, Jigajigayar, Hargeisa Somalia Somalia Email: info@Gollisuniversity.org

Website: www.Gollisuniversity.org

Enrollment: 2195 -Hargeisa Main campus only

Errors and Suggestion

Notice: If you are a student of this university or have information about this university,
do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: counselorcorporation@gmail.com or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

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