Escuela Universitaria de Teología

Name: University of Theology Argentina
Founded: 1969
Accreditation: Argentine Ministry of Education
Control Type: Public
Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54 223 495 – 8633
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Escuela Universitaria de Teología Academics

Higher University Diplomature with International Certification in Professional and Pastoral Coaching

Admission Requirements:
1. People with complete secondary / (or equivalent for other countries). From 21 years of age.
2. Complete Registration

Duration of Education:
Duration of education 8 month. From March to November 2021.

Mode: Totally Remote and Virtual mode.

Education Mode: Remotely

Duration of Education: Duration of Education 8 month, from May to December 2021.

How to Register: The pre-registration for the cycle 2021 is already open, for application please fill in the following form: Registration Form

  • Introduction to Neurobiology
  • From literacy to Comprehensive reading
  • From the approximation of quantities to mathematical calculation
  • How the Brain Learns
  • Neurobiology of Emotions
  • Neurobiology of the social brain
  • The Teacher as an observer of student behavior and learning
  • Specific learning disabilities (DEA)

Duration: 9 month, from May to December. Hourly lad: 230 hours.

Education mode: Remotely and Face-to-Face meetings.

Duration of Course: One school year, from March to December. Hourly load: 300 hours.

Entry Requirements:
1. Have a university or non-university higher level teaching degree.
2. Exercise of teaching or aspiring to exercise teaching in Catholic schools and institutions of the formal educational system.

  • Fundamentals of the Liturgical Pastoral
  • Context of the Liturgical Pastoral
  • Context of the Liturgical Pastoral
  • The Organization of the Liturgical Pastoral

Registration email:

Education Duration: 8 month form April. Total 120 hours.

Escuela Universitaria de Teología Fee Structure

Education fee’s not reported yet. The 2021 fee will be announced shortly.

Local StudentsNot ReportedNot Reported
International StudentsNot ReportedNot Reported
Note: Fees may change. Make contact with university before making your final decision.

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