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Escola Agrária de Chókwè

Chókwè Agricultural School comprises relevant courses. FOUNDED in 1961, the Agricultural School of Chókwè, in the province of Gaza, currently faces a series of problems for its proper functioning. Historically in the training of staff, especially in the fields of agriculture, farming, mechanics and agricultural mechanization, the institution not only has problems with the marked degradation of its building, but also calls for a total revitalization of its equipment. In fact, the few resources that existed until the floods of 2000, the water took with it. Recently, within the framework of the Government’s new policy, especially for the Education and Culture sector, the school was selected from a group of 16 across the country to host a pilot project for the rehabilitation and equipping of its infrastructures. The same has the help of the World Bank, the Government’s largest partner in this program, which has already made available the respective budget.

Escola Agrária de Chókwè Courses

Academic licenses granted by the university. Offering Programs

Until recently, the school worked with three specialties at the basic level, namely:

  • Farming
  • Mechanics 
  • Agricultural mechanization.

The fourth specialty, that is, agriculture is undergoing remodeling, all because there was a need to remodel itself.

Escola Agrária de Chókwè Tuition Fees

Local StudentsInternational Students
Certificate Courses
Bachelor Degree Programs
Diploma Programs
Masters Degree Programs
PhD Degree Programs170 – 500 $ month170 – 500 $ month

Admission and Requirements.  Fees structure and details

Address: F2R4+5GQ R208, Chokwé, Mozambique Internet domain: Not reported

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