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Eastcape Midlands TVET College (EMC) in South Africa’s Nelson Mandela Bay is continuing to play a critical and meaningful role in skills development and the lives of its students in the Eastern Cape province.

EMC serves a highly industrialised urban area, part of the Nelson Mandela Metropole, as well as the rural western part of the province. This means that the college faces unique challenges in being a provider for the needs of a developed and advanced industrial economy on the one hand and, a widespread rural area with high rates of unemployment and poverty, which is further compounded by challenges of the Eastern Cape’s primary and secondary education systems in rural and less fortunate communities.

Yet, amid the challenges, EMC has not only increased its number of students who pass their exams, yearly, but has produced the top 10 students in the country over the past couple of years.

In 2017, the college obtained a 73% certification pass rate and 874 distinctions in the National Certificate (Vocational) examinations and obtained a 49% pass rate for Engineering and 66% for pass rate for for Business, both Report 191 programmes.

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  • STUDY CAREER OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED AT EMCWe will gladly give you guidance on our career opportunities on offer:
    •  Speak to our Call Centre Operator that will give clear guidance (086 038 8879)
    •  Receive individual attention at our Career Development Centre at the Brickfields Road Campus
    •  Visit our web-site: www.emcol.co.za
    •  Visit any of our campuses and view a presentation on programmes on offer
    •  Book a guided tour at any of our campuses
    •  Browse our brochures obtainable at our campuses
    •  Attend any of our marketing fairs (open days, exhibitions, community outreach programmes, etc)
    •  Speak to any of our Career Guidance Practitioners at any of our campuses
  • COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FORM Download an application form or complete the form at any of our campuses…Bring the following along:
    •  Latest school results and results from any other educational institution (End year results: Nov)
    •  ID document: student’s, parent (s)’ or guardian (s)’
  • CHOOSING YOUR CAREERWhat information do you need to know?
    •  Information about yourself ….. interests, personality, values, abilities & strengths etc.
    •  Information about environment ….. job market, career information, education & training institutions & job opportunities etc.Where can you get assistance?Our fully accredited career guidance practitioners will gladly assist you! Book an assessment date at your nearest campus or at the Career Development Centre. a PACE test will be conducted to test your numeracy and literacy skills. An interest assessment will also be done which will reveal your abilities, strengths, etc. After the assessment a personal interview will be scheduled with you.
  • WHAT TO EXPECT DURING THE INTERVIEW?After studying your school results, your numeracy & literacy levels and your interests one of our career guidance practitioners will recommend the most appropriate career for you to fulfil your dreams. Feel free to share your personal vision, your fears or ask any questions you might have during this session to ensure the correct career choice.
  • FINAL SELECTION AND CONFIRMATION OF MEETING ALL REQUIREMENTSBased on the information obtained you should now be in a position to make an informed decision on your future career. You will also be informed whether you meet the necessary requirements for your chosen career and would be advised on admittance to the institution. Should you qualify for the chosen career you will be guided on further registration procedures.
  • WILL YOU QUALIFY FOR FREE REGISTRATION?Provide us with the listed documents in order to be screened for free registration:
    •  SAPS certified copy of Student Identity Document/Birth Certificate
    •  SAPS certified copy(ies) of Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) Identity Document
    •  SAPS certified copy(ies) of parent(s)/guardian(s) death certificate if they are deceased
    •  Proof of income: social grant slip/ recent salary slip/ recent bank statement
    •  Affidavit to state unemployment: include information on whether you receive a grant and the amount received.
    •  Residential address of student
    •  Number of family members in the household
    •  Number of students in the household (only University and College students – Provide proof of University students)
    •  Accommodation amount per month (in the case of private boarders)
    •  Transport amount per month: this should be in an affidavit
    •  All certified copies must NOT be older than 3 months.If you qualify for free registration, you will receive a printout as proof.
  • HOW DO YOU REGISTER?If you qualify for free registration:
    •  Take your application form and printout of the screening results to the registration office.If you do not qualify for free registration:
    •  Deposit the registration fee at the nearest Standard Bank (bank details can be obtained from the registration form).
    •  Take your application form, screening results and proof of payment to the registration office.
    •  Should you be younger than 21 years your parent/guardian must accompany you to the registration office. He/she must bring his/her ID document along and must also sign the application form.

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