Dawat University | پوهنتون دعوت

University Overview

Dawat University founded in 2009. Dawat University located in Kabul, Afghanistan. The University has 7 bachelor programs and 3 masters program. Dawat University is a registered university with the Ministry of Higher Education in Afghanistan. Also Dawat University has English and Arabic Language courses. The Universities acceptance rate is 65%. See more information below. Find more universities in Afghanistan: List of Universities in Afghanistan.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for the entrance exam:

1. Certificate or three-year grades (grades 10, 11 and 12) signed and stamped by the relevant high school and approved by the Department of Education or the Department of Education of the region and certification of secondary education of the Ministry of Education.
2. Photocopy of color.
3. Four photo pieces (4cm – 3cm).
4. From the graduates of the 14th grade, according to the bill of the Ministry of Higher Education, a special exam will be taken according to the following conditions:

– Candidates do not have the right to choose against the field according to Article 25 of the bill.
– The average grades of grades 13 and 14 should not be less than 80 percent.
– According to the fifth paragraph of Article 28 of the bill of the Ministry of Higher Education, after passing the special exam for the third semester, a discount class will be accepted.
5. 300 Afghanis to register for the entrance exam.

1. Registration runs daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
2. If the above items are not completed, registration will not be done.

Tuition and Fees

Program NameTotal FeeTotal Book
Master of Sharia (Jurisprudence And Law)Af. 163,100#
Master of Law (International Relations)Af. 198,100#
Bachelor of ShariaAf. 110,800Af. 4,459
Bachelor of Law And Political ScienceAf. 142,800Af. 215
Bachelor of EngineeringAf. 166,800Af. 900
Bachelor of EconomyAf. 166,800Af. 61
Bachelor of JournalismAf. 142,800Af. 31
Bachelor of PharmacyAf. 166,800Af. 96
Bachelor of Curative MedicineAf. 422,300Af. 210
Arabic Language CourseAf. 1,500#
English Language CourseAf. 2,500#
Note: Fees may change. Please visit the University’s website before making your final decision.

Costs in Afghanistan

Transportation Fees:
– Local bus price (one-way ticket): 20 AFN = 0,26 USD
– Monthly pass: 1,250 AFN = 16,50 USD
– Intercity bus: 6-7 AFN = 0,078 – 0,091 USD
– Taxi starts: 50 AFN = 0,65 USD

Food Prices:
– Bread (500g): 25,45 AFN = 0,32 USD
– Water (1,5 Lt): 30,00 = 0,39 USD
– Eggs (12): 82,56 AFN = 1,07 USD

Accommodation Prices:
– Monthly rent (1-2 bedroom): 5,000 – 10,000 = 65-130 USD
– Utilities for 1 month (gas, heating…): 1,000 – 1,250 AFN = 12-15 USD

NOTE: The exchange rate may vary. Please check the latest exchange rate! Also fees can be changed.

General Information

Nameپوهنتون دعوت
LocationQamber Square, Kabul, 1010, Afghanistan
Control TypePrivate
Country Rank31 (webometrics.info)
World Rank23607 (webometrics.info)
Note: Please visit the University’s website before making your final decision.

University Map

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