Daha International University

Daha International University in Somalia is a leading social educational institution with a high scientific standing in our people. It works to convey the religious, social, cultural, historical and cognitive heritage of the older generations and strives to activate its potentials and talents and enrich the knowledge of its students and their experiences. The scientific and intellectual experiences of its professors, based on all scientific and technological developments and methods, as well as social visions for the benefit of all members of society, are committed to the continuous development and qualification standards to ensure quality and accreditation in educational programs.

The University seeks to become the center of radiation for all new ideas, knowledge and science, and become the place where the views of scientists, thinkers, leaders and the campaign of reform and development, which is prepared to preserve the creed, values ​​and ethics that the nation seeks to retain and promote and nurture future generations, To be a beacon of expertise and exchange of proposals in order to enrich knowledge and science and in response to the aspirations of the society and its hopes and guidance and solve its problems.

Academic licenses granted by the university. Daha International University Offering Programs


-Faculty Of Medicine And Health Science

Bachelor of medicine and surgery

Bachelor of clinical medicine

Bachelor of of General Nursing and Midwifery

Bachelor of Public Health

Bachelor of Laboratory Science

Bachelor of Nutrition

-Faculty Of Engineering And Computer Science

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Networking

Bachelor of Telecommunication

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

-Faculty Of Economics And Management Sciences

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Bachelor of islamic Banking and Finance

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of logistics and procurement

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Bachelor of International Business

Bachelor of Marketing

-Faculty Of Agriculture And Veterinary Medicine

Department of Agriculture

Department of Veterinary Medicine

-Faculty Of Education

Department of Mathematics and Physics

Department of Biology and Chemistry

Department of Arabic language

Department of English Language

-Faculty Of Arts And Social Science

Department of International Relations and Diplomacy

Department of Public Administration

Department of Political Science

Department of Social Sciences

Department of Media and Communication

-Faculty Of Sharia And Law

Department of Sharia and Law

Department of Islamic Studies

Department of Ulumu Koran

Department of Fiqh and Usul

Department of Ulumu Hadith

Daha International University Admission and Requirements

The In-Take Of The New Students

Bachelor’s Degree Program

Students who are new to the bachelor’s program must:

Have a high school certificate or equivalent

Be good of conduct.

Successfully pass any selection or interview that the university council sees.

Be medically fit.

To fulfill any other conditions determined by the University Council.

Normal Acceptance

Students are accepted and registered before the start of the study in person and then it follows the registration procedures and payment fees and the issuance of the university card.

Late Acceptance

A student who is late for registration for a period not exceeding three weeks from the beginning of the study may be accepted by the Dean of Admission and Registration in coordination with the Dean of the College concerned.


Any student who has withdrawn from the University at a good level can apply for readmission with the obligation to complete the registration requirements and pay the prescribed fees.

Daha International University Fees structure and details

For further details contact :  0615884489 / 0617339911.


Errors and Suggestion

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Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

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