Centre Omni Thérapeutique africain (COA)

COA is an institution of higher education and applied research in Mixed Medical Science and Practice (The Reconciliation between traditional and modern medical sciences and practices). Created in accordance with the provisions of the law on the statutes of universities in TOGO and law 2009/007- of May 15, 2009 on the Public Health Code of the Togolese Republic, the African Omnitherapeutic Center (COA) is a private institution of higher education. Scientific, cultural and professional, based on collaboration and inter disciplinarity between university researchers, doctors, traditional healers, pharmacists, agronomists, religious, lawyers, health and ecology actors. The COA is officially recognized in 2014 in TOGO as an Establishment of Higher Education in Sciences and Mixed Medical Practices under Order No: 062MESR / SG / DES. he COA is particularly oriented towards training, study, especially higher education and applied research in Mixed Medical Science and Practice (The reconciliation between traditional and modern medical science and practice).

 The COA is a framework for the identification, centralization, harmonization and enhancement of knowledge, therapeutic techniques for sustainable health development guaranteeing safety, quality, efficiency and accessibility. The COA affirms its secular vocation and independent of any political, religious or ideological influence. It tends to ensure the objectivity of knowledge. It respects the diversity of opinions. The COA guarantees researchers, all staff, as well as students, the exercise of intellectual freedoms. It sanctions any violation of these freedoms committed within its walls. The COA affirms its vocation to bring to the highest international level its mission of teaching service, research, rationalization and exploitation of ethno-therapeutic potential, health protection, environment, knowledge and culture. Committed to the democratization of higher education, it aims to train highly qualified students.

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