Benawa Institute of Higher Education | بېنوا دلوړو زده کړو مؤسسه

About University

Benawa Institute of Higher Education established in 2013 and located in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Benawa Institute of Higher Education officially accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan. The university has 2 faculties (Engineering and Computer Sciences). Find more universities in Afghanistan: List of Universities in Afghanistan.

Admissions Requirements

Online Admission System: Student’s can apply any time and everywhere (

Eligibility: Minimum 60% higher secondary school score and student’s must be pass all Medical Tests clear

Documents Required with the Application Form:
– HSC Certificate,
– HSC mark sheet
– Verification Letter from Board.
– National ID Card (Taskira)
– Admission Form
– 8 Photographs

Entrance Test Scores: At least 50% score entrance test

Merit Criteria:
– Share of Marks obtained in the HSC Examination 20%
– Share of Marks obtained in the Entrance Test 80%

Rejection of Application:
– The Chairman Admission Committee can cancel or withdraw admission of any candidate.
– The application shall be rejected summarily in case the applicant is found guilty of any suppression or misrepresentation of material facts at any stage.

Apply Online

Universities application page:

Tuition and Fees

Semester wise RegistrationFee (AFN)
Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) – (Only Once)1,000 AFN
Tuition Fee – (Per Semester)20,000 AFN
Security Deposit (Refundable) – (Only Once)2,000 AFN
ID Card Fee – (Only Once)200 AFN
Internet Fee – (Per Semester)500 AFN
Transport Fee – (if any) – (Per Month)500-1,000 AFN

Note: Financial Assistance is available to all students. Eligible students will be payable of 75% of Tuition Fee.

Course wise RegistrationFee (AFN)
Complete Course Registration (Lab + Theory)3,000 AFN
Lab only Registration1,000 AFN
Theory only Registration2,000 AFN
Exam Only Registration1,000 AFN
Note: Please visit the university website before making your final decision.

Costs in Afghanistan

Student’s handbook: Student’s Handbook

Transportation Fees:
– Local bus price (one-way ticket): 20 AFN = 0,26 USD
– Monthly pass: 1,250 AFN = 16,50 USD
– Intercity bus: 6-7 AFN = 0,078 – 0,091 USD
– Taxi starts: 50 AFN = 0,65 USD

Food Prices:
– Bread (500g): 25,45 AFN = 0,32 USD
– Water (1,5 Lt): 30,00 = 0,39 USD
– Eggs (12): 82,56 AFN = 1,07 USD

Accommodation Prices:
– Monthly rent (1-2 bedroom): 5,000 – 10,000 = 65-130 USD
– Utilities for 1 month (gas, heating…): 1,000 – 1,250 AFN = 12-15 USD

NOTE: The exchange rate may vary. Please check the latest exchange rate! Also fees can be changed.

General Information

LocationDistrict-6, Near Sera Jama, New city, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Control TypePrivate
Country Rank75 (
World Rank28437 (
Note: Please visit the University’s website before making your final decision.

University Map

University Video

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