About the university:

The Belarusian-Russian University is an interstate institution of higher education of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

The University offers a variety of programs in the field of secondary, higher, postgraduate and continuing professional education. About 20 years ago we were the first in the region to open the Continuing Education and Professional Development Institute. Today, we are the first to offer distance education in the regional market of the educational services.

The University continues to work on creating scientific and industrial laboratories that provide close cooperation between higher education and production.

Creation of a unified system “science – education – production” ensures dynamics of key components of the pedagogical system and allows adapting general theoretical and general professional training of future specialists for promising areas of innovative production.

Developing cooperation with foreign universities, our University seeks to create favorable conditions for export of educational services and increase the number of undergraduate and graduate students from the CIS and other foreign countries.

Academic licenses granted by the university and Offering Programs


The university has a preparatory department, where international students study the Russian language and special subjects according to the chosen specialty. Documents required for enrollment in the preparatory department are accepted from May to October. Candidates must have a general secondary education to be enrolled in the preparatory department. The tuition fee at the preparatory department is $1500 per year (payment is to be made in Belarusian rubles according to the exchange rate at the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus). The university offers courses in economics and engineering.

Courses (economics):

CourseTotal hoursFirst semester, hours per weekSecond semester, hours per week
1Russian as a foreign language8403413
3Business Russian1448
5Fundamentals of Natural Science362
6Adaptation to university training in the Republic of Belarus6822

Courses (engineering):

CourseTotal hoursFirst semester, hours per weekSecond semester, hours per week
1Russian as a foreign language8403413
6Adaptation to university training in the Republic of Belarus6822


Faculty of Automotive EngineeringAutomobile Construction
Auto Service
Jack Transport, Construction, Road Vehicle Maintenance
Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringAutomation of Technological Processes and Production
Equipment and Technology of Welding Manufacture
Machine Building Technology
Equipment and Technologies of Highly Effective Processes of Materials Processing
Information Systems and Technologies (in Design and Production)
Faculty of ConstructionRoad Construction
Industrial and Civil Engineering
Faculty of Electrical EngineeringAutomated Data Processing Systems
Automatic Electric Drive
Methods and Devices for Quality Control and Objects Condition Diagnostics
Faculty of EconomicsTransport Logistics
Finance and Credit
Economics and Production Management
Enterprise Economy and Management
Electronic Marketing
Faculty of Engineering and Economics (Educational Programs of the Russian Federation Bachelor’s degree (basic courses))
(Educational Programs of the Russian Federation Bachelor’s degree (basic courses))
Informatics and Computer Science
Land Transport and Technological Complexes
Software Engineering
Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
Mechatronics and Robotics
Faculty of Engineering Correspondence EducationIndustrial and Civil Engineering
Automated Data Processing Systems
Automatic Electric Drive


On organization of educational process for master’s degree programs in English


SpecialtyPeriod of studyLanguage of Instruction
Economics (profile “Economic development of industry and transport”)1 year (full-time) 1,5 years (part-time)Russian/English
System analysis, information management and processing (by industry branches) (profile “Information management systems”)1,5 years (full-time) 2 years (part-time)Russian/English
Electrical power industry and electrical engineering1 year (full-time) 1,5 years (part-time)Russian/English
Construction of buildings and structures (profiles “Construction technology”, “Construction of motorways”)1 year (full-time) 1,5 years (part-time)Russian
Transport (profile “Vehicle maintenance”, “Wheeled vehicle design”)1 year (full-time) 1,5 years (part-time)Russian
Instrumentation engineering (profile “Non-destructive testing techniques and technology”)1 year (full-time) 1,5 years (part-time)Russian
Innovative technologies in mechanical engineering (profile “Mechanical engineering and machine science”, “Welding technologies”, “Transport, mining and construction engineering”)1 year (full-time) 1,5 years (part-time)Russian


Duration of education is 2 years.

Area of studyPeriod of studyLanguage of instruction
Land transport and technological complexes2 years (full-time) 2,5 years (part-time)Russian
Management2 years (full-time) 2,5 years (part-time)Russian
Finance and credit2 years (full-time) 2,5 years (part-time)Russian



Fields of study
Machine Science, Drive Systems and Machine Components
Technology of Mechanical Engineering
Methods of Control and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering
Technologies and Equipment for Mechanical and Physical-Technical Treatment
Welding, Related Processes and Technologies
Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles
Road, Construction and Jack Transport Machines
Electrical Engineering Complexes and Systems
Devices and Methods for Control of Environment, Substances, Materials and Products
System Analysis, Management and Information Processing
Elements and Devices of Computing Facilities and Control Systems
Powder Metallurgy and Composite Materials
Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions
Technology and Organization of Construction


Fields of study
Machine Science, Drive Systems and Machine Parts
Welding, Related Processes and Technologies
Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles


The Continuing Education and Professional Development Institute offers the following majors (with assignment of second higher education qualification):

  • Accounting and Control in Industry – accountant and economist;
  • Law – lawyer;
  • Information Systems Software – software engineer;
  • Modern Foreign Language in Business Communication and Intercultural Communications (English, German) – translator/foreign language assistant;
  • Workplace Safety in Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering – workplace safety specialist;
  • Workplace Safety in Power Engineering – workplace safety specialist;
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Materials and Products – nondestructive testing specialist;
  • Finance – financial specialist;
  • Banking – banking specialist;
  • Commercial Activities in Consumer Goods Market – economist;
  • Business Administration – manager, economist;
  • Industrial and Civil Engineering – building engineer;

The Institute also offers the professional development courses, namely:

  • Foreign languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French);
  • Computer science /PC operators/ (Windows, Word, the Excel, Ascess, Internet; Visual Vasic, network administration, programming, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, etc.);
  • 1C: Accounting;
  • Web-programming, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, presentations;
  • Construction supervision for executives and chief engineers, foremen and supervisors in construction;
  • Supervision of cargo cranes maintenance and safe operation;
  • Workplace safety and labor legislation;
  • Training for crisis managers;
  • Training for inspection and audit specialists;
  • Organization and execution of freight and passenger transportation;
  • Visual-optical, ultrasonic and magnetic inspection, for radiation safety and control specialists;
  • Training for tax officers;
  • Economics and company finance;
  • Training for specialists involved in designing, operation, repair, installation and adjustment of explosion-proof electrical equipment and installations in explosion hazardous areas;
  • Training ofor welding specialists;
  • Management of business communications, business management and intercultural communication, etc;
  • Other areas of studies.

Admission and Requirements. Fees structure and details


The Belarusian-Russian University offers the foreign citizens the following educational services:

studying at the preparatory department to learn Russian and to prepare for the entrance on the basic courses on a technical or economic section. The studied disciplines are the Russian language, Maths, IT , adaptation to training, Economics and Natural Sciences (for economic faculty); Physics and Chemistry (for technical faculty). The period of education is 10 months. The fee is $1300 per year.

studying at technical and economic faculties of the University at a full-time department or a part-time department (if a foreign citizen has a previous education at the level of comprehension school – not less than 10 classes). After the graduation a student gets a diploma of higher education of the state international standard. The period of education is 4-5 years (part-time department -5 years). The fee of full-time department is $2200 per year and the fee of part-time department is $1500 per year.

studying at Ma course (Master of Arts) for technical or economic faculty (for those who has a higher education at the bachelor or expert level). The period of education is from 1 to 2 years. The cost of education is $2400-2900 per year depending on the specialities.

studying at postgraduate course at full-time department or a part-time department (for those who has Master degree) The period of education is 3 years for a full-time department and 4 years for a part-time department.

Russian language courses and individual training in Russian (any level of education). The period of education is defined individually. The cost depends on the number of students in a group (till 5 persons).

Deadline for documents:

preparatory department: within a year;

higher education: May – October 15th;

Ma course: May – September;

postgraduate study: within a year;

Russian language courses: within a year.

The hostel is provided for foreign students. The cost of accommodation is about $30-40 per month.


1. An applicant sends the following documents to the international department (interstudy.bru@gmail.com, tel./fax +375333 777501 viber/WhatsApp/telegram/IMO/WeChat ):

  • completed application form
  • copy of the passport;
  • copy of the certificate of education with transcripts of records.

2. According to the results of pre-selection an Invitation Letter is sent to the applicant (the term of registration and approval of invitations for citizens of Turkmenistan is within 10 days). The approved invitation letter is sent to the Belarusian Embassy of the applicant’s native country. The following items are included:

  • correspondence of educational level to the chosen study program;
  • general progress in applicant’s studies;
  • level of proficiency in the Russian language.

3. An applicant applies to the Consular section of the Belarusian Embassy in his country to receive a visa;

4. An applicant arrives in Mogilev and submits documents to the Belarusian-Russian University. After arrival in the city of Mogilev the applicant is obliged to come to the International department of the University immediately (43, pr. Mira, office 351 (building 1) to register a temporary residence (not later than 2 days from the moment of his/her entry into the country). The applicant should submit the following documents:

  • passport with a student visa;
  • birth certificate;
  • original of the certificate of education with the transcript of records (subjects/scores);
  • medical certificate reflecting applicant’s state of health and HIV medical certificate issued by the official healthcare body of his/her native country;
  • 8 photos 3×4.

The Russian translation of the mentioned documents certified notarized should be attached to their originals.

5. An interview to test applicant’s Russian language skills is held.

6. In case of passing the interview and an obligatory medical checkup, the applicant is admitted to the main course of the University. If the applicant fails the interview, he/she can be enrolled as a student of the University preparatory department.

7. In order to be accommodated in the Halls of Residence, a student should apply to the International department (11, ul. Kosmonavtov).


Basis courses (full-time department) – $2200 per year;

Basis courses (part-time department) – $1300 per year;

Preparatory department – $1500 per year;

Master’s Degree Program – $2400 – 2900 per year.

The hostel is provided for foreign students.

The cost of accommodation is about $25-30 per month.

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