Bay University

Bay University was established on 5th April 2013 as an institute of higher learning to foster academic excellence. The pioneers and the ideal personnel of this great and fruitful institution were youthful professors with diverse educational backgrounds including but not limited to Engineers and Doctors who possessed their credential from high ranking universities at home country and abroad overseas.

The aftermath of Somalia’s long running conflicts which lasted more than two decades have destroyed the country’s assets including education infrastructures throughout the country. These prolonged civil conflicts in Somalia have fostered a lost generation who has no experience of a kind of effective government and poor access to basic social services particularly education and employment opportunities, which cause Somalia to be in the last position in the world’s ranking in terms of education
Thus, we step in with the intention of overcoming the above stated situation, in regard we decided to establish/unwrap University of Bay to provide a quality education.

Academic licenses granted by the university. Offering Programs:

Undergraduate Education
Bay University offers nearly 27 undergraduate programs degrees that are challenging and relevant in today’s changing world, many with concentrations, minors and certificates that allow you to have a truly personalized college experience.

Graduate Education
Bay University offers nearly five disciplines and each discipline will have its own specialization that is challenging and relevant in today’s changing world, many with concentrations, minors and certificates that allow you to have a truly personalized college experience.

Master of Public Health (MPH)
Master of science in infectious Diseases
Master of business Administration (MBA)
Master of information Technology
PG Diploma in Educational Administration
Bachelor of arts in Da’wah & Islamic Studies
Master of Arts ( Peace studies & conflict Resolution)

Master of Arts (Diplomacy & International Relations)

Bay University Admission and Requirements

The Bay University operates on two semesters in Academic Year
MINIMUM QUALIFICATION FOR ENTRY: The Admission committee formulates the admission policies in accordance with the rules laid down in the charter of the Bay University to apply for admission, the students should have the needed minimum qualifications set forth for each program in view of inconsistency in schedules of examinations conducted by various bodies in Somalia and overseas, applications for entry from students waiting for the results / compartment cases will also be entertained Such applicants, if selected in the admission process, will be granted provisional admissions. These admissions will automatically stand canceled if such candidates fail to attain the required minimum qualifications before appearing in the university terminal examinations of 2nd semester.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATION FOR BACHELOR DEGREE PROGRAM: Candidates who have passed the higher secondary certificate (HSC) / intermediate examination from any board of intermediate and secondary education in Somalia or an equivalent examination recognized by the Ministry of Education of Federal Government and Ministry of South west of Somalia. are eligible to seek admission for bachelor programs.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATION FOR master DEGREE PROGRAM: Candidates who hold a Bachelor Degree or its equivalent in an appropriate field of study from a university / of good standing recognized by the Ministry of Education of Federal Government and Ministry of South west of Somalia are eligible to seek admission to master program.

  1. The BU has regulated class wise enrollment on the basis of available facilities.
  2. Section wise student’s strength is restricted to 40 at the maximum at Bachelor and Master level classes.
  3. It’s fairly chalked out to keep teacher and students ratio 1:40 at the maximum in each course of a particular class.
    Where and how to apply
    An application pack containing the application form, prospectus and the necessary information can be obtained from:
    Admission Office Situated at
    Opposite to Manchester hotel, Near to Berdale – Qasab School Horseed Branch#4aad,Baidoa – Somalia.
  4. Applications for admission are invited at the beginning of each semester.
  5. Independent inquiries can be made from the Admission office at Bay University.
  6. Strict merit shall be the base and criteria of admissions in various programs of the Bay University.
  7. The merit shall be determined on the basis of the entry test to be conducted by the Bay University and the criteria set out in this respect by each department.
  8. The students on transfer from other institutions will also be admitted provided they fulfill minimum requirements of the criteria set out for this purpose by each department of the Bay University subject to the condition that the migrating student is coming from a chartered university.
  9. The letter of admission to be sent to the selected student, will contain the program of orientation, registration enrollment, fee structure and schedule of classes and teaching activities etc.
  10. Liberal scholarship and stipends as well as fee remissions shall be offered to the deserving students .the students availing the facility of any concession would conspicuously maintain merit in each semester.
  11. The academic programs of the BAY UNIVERSITY shall be made visible to all segments of the society through advertisement in the printed and electronic media as per feasibility.
    The students selected on merit will be associated with the admission process ousting the hurdle and obstacle of financial constraints if any.

Bay University Fees structure and details

About 70% of students admitted into Bay University receive some form of scholarship to help with the cost of their education. Most students get merit scholarships as a result of their scores in the entrance examination, the university also provides a limited number of need-based scholarships, students who pass the BU Entrance Exam may apply for scholarships. First In Class Scholarships are special scholarships offered to the top students in their secondary school. These students are entitled to full 100% tuition waiver scholarships provided they pass the entrance examinations at BU.
Contact the Office of Admission
Afrar irdoodka baydhabo
Bay College of Technology and Sciences
+252619925328 / ±252615442123
Or, get in touch with an admission counselor to learn more about attending Bay University or to get answers to any questions about your application.

Errors and Suggestion

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do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

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