About the university:

Bardera Polytechnic is the first post secondary institution in Gedo region. The school was created to mitigate and move away from long standing economic and political stagnation coupled with two decades old sporadic infighting which the region experienced since the break out of the civil war in Somalia.

With over 600,000 inhabitants from 1994 population estimates, Gedo region shares borders with 7 regions and 4 of Gedo region’s 7 districts are located on the fertile Juba Valley which has 30% of Somalia’s livestock headcount.

Academic licenses granted by the university. Offering Programs:

Bardera Polytechnic has the following Departments and Schools with varying degrees of development.

Department of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Computer Studies and IT

Department of Islamic Studies

College of Veterinary Medicine

School of Public Health

School of Business and Management

School of Languages

Department of Adult Continuing Education and Skills Training

Second phase initiatives include the establishment of the following programs and/or centers at the earliest possible time.

College of Medicine

School of Nursing

Department of Environment and Forestry Management

Center for Peace and Community Development

I. School of Languages


Af Soomaali



II. Mathematics & Physics

III. Department of Health

First batch of graduates in 2009 from the Community Health Programs found jobs working with such NGOs like SADO and others. The graduates, mostly young women armed with health skills such as health management, phlebotomy and laboratory, found work at community MCH centers throughout the District of Bardera.


Midwifery, injection of academic training for TBAs skills

Pharmacy Technician

Laboratory Technician

 IV. Business and Computer Studies

Business Management – Af Soomaali: Maamul iyo Maareyn

Computer Studies – hardware and software

 V. Veterinary Science

Livestock and its byproducts is a major sector of the economy in Gedo Region. There has not been any graduates in  this field for 17 years.

 VI. Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural production in Gedo is a major sector of the economy. Afgoi School of Agriculture (Somali National University Agrario Program) was the last to graduate students with academic training in agriculture. Jubba Valley Region, from Belet Hawo to Kismayo has an agriculture based economy.

VII. Skills Training Center

Vocational training enables many young people who have family responsibilities to get immediate training for available jobs in the Gedo Region and surrounding regions.   

Auto and motor mechanic



Woodworking/carpentry and

Building construction skills

Admission and Requirements.

For first year and transfer students, there is an evaluation process where the Admission’s Office administers a test for each student who applies to Baardheere Polytechnic.

High school students go through slightly different admission processes which generally consist of testing in Arabic, Af Soomaali, Math, English and Science. Language part of the admission test includes writing and reading in each language; Arabic, Af Soomaali and English.

Admission Requirements

High school students as well as mature students who plan to register for certificate and diploma programs are required to write a two-page essay on a given topic. Other admission requirements to Bardera Polytechnic include:

I.  For High School Students

1. High School Diploma or transcripts such as transcripts from GEC and GEN schools in Gedo Region and Mogadishu FPENs

2. Test results from the Admissions Office

3. To pay fees and other cost materials

II.  For Mature students

All Mature Student applicants must have or be: 

1. At least 16 years old with previous learning experience including Quranic at higher levels

2. Residing in Gedo Region. Students from other regions are alloted certain portions of seats.

3. Had  at least two recent years (with-in the last five years) of schooling prior to applying to    Bardera  Polytechnic

4. Test results from the Admissions Office  

5. Paid all required fees including application fees and first semester tuition fees

Fees structure and details

Bardera Polytechnic College

Address: Bardera, Gedo- Somalia

Telephone:      +252 615 818 988 or +252 615 131 615

Information:    http://www.baardheerepolytechnic.org

You can contact the university using a variety of ways. If you are in the area, just drop by at the main office or contact the telephone number for Bardera Polytechnic.

Emails for different departments and general questions directed at either Bardera Polytechnic Administrators or individual programs can be directed sent to:


You can find us on FaceBook at Bardera Polytechnic’s page. Leave messages. Administrators or technical staff will contact you.

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