Autonomous University of Aguascalientes

The mission of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes is to promote the sustainable, fair and balanced development of our society: integrally training, in the various human dimensions, people with a global perspective who contribute effectively, committed and ethically to the solution of the social needs and problems; generating, disseminating and applying knowledge and innovation that improves the standard of living and well-being of the population; and promoting art, culture and sports that enrich people’s lives.

Autonomous University of Aguascalientes Offering Courses / Programmes

Agricultural Sciences Center
Engineer in Agronomy
Food Engineer
Zoo-technician Veterinary Doctor

Basic Science Center
Biochemical Engineer
Intelligent Computing Engineer
Engineer in Electronics
Computer Systems Engineer
Statistical Industrial Engineer
Bachelor of Biology
Bachelor of Biotechnology
Bachelor of Computer Science and Computational Technologies
Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
Pharmaceutical Chemist Biologist

Engineering Science Center
Automotive Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Engineer in Mechanical Design
Engineer in Renewable Energies
Engineer in Manufacturing and Industrial Automation
Robotics Engineer

Health Sciences Center
Degree in Physical Culture and Sports
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Nutrition
Bachelor of Optometry
Bachelor of Physical Therapy

Center for Design and Construction Sciences
Civil Engineer
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Fashion Design in Clothing and Textiles
Bachelor of Graphic Design
Bachelor of Industrial Design
Bachelor of Urbanism

Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences
Certified Public Accountant
Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor of Production Administration and Services
Degree in Financial Administration
Bachelor of International Trade
BA in Economics
Bachelor of Tourism Management
Bachelor of Marketing
Bachelor of Industrial Relations

Center for Business Sciences
Degree in Tax Administration and Management of SMEs
Bachelor of Agribusiness
Bachelor of Electronic Commerce
Bachelor of Business Logistics

Center for Social Sciences and Humanities
Lic. in Psycho pedagogical Counseling
Degree in Political Science and Public Administration
Degree in Strategic Corporate Communication
Degree in Communication and Information
Degree in law
Degree in Teaching French and Spanish as Foreign Languages
Degree in English Language Teaching
BA in Philosophy
BA in History
Degree in Psychology
BA in Sociology
Bachelor of Social Work

Center for Arts and Culture
Bachelor of Acting
Bachelor of Cinematographic and Audiovisual Arts
Degree in Art Studies and Cultural Management
BA in Hispanic Letters
Bachelor of Music

Educative offer:

Master of Administration (SNP)
January 2023

Master of Art (SNP)
Master of Science: Plant Biotechnology or Toxicology area (SNP)
August 2022

Master of Science with Options to Computing, Applied Mathematics (PNPC)
August 2022

Master of Taxes (SNP)
Master in Informatics and Computational Technologies (SNP)
Master of Civil Engineering (SNP)
Master of Educational Research (SNP)
Master of Research in Psychology (SNP)
January 2023

Master in Social and Humanistic Research (SNP)
Master in Urban Planning (SNP)
Master of Biomedical Research (SNP)
Interinstitutional Master in Livestock Production (SNP)
Doctorate in Administrative Sciences (SNP)
Doctorate in Applied Sciences and Technology (SNP)
August 2022

Doctorate in Biological Sciences (SNP) Direct Modality (from bachelor’s degree)
August 2022

Doctorate in Biological Sciences (SNP) Traditional Modality (from master’s degree)
January 2023

Doctorate in Sciences of Anthropic Fields (SNP)
January 2023

Doctorate in Sociocultural Studies (SNP)
August 2022

Doctorate in Educational Research (SNP)
Inter institutional Doctorate in Art and Culture (SNP)
Inter institutional Doctorate in Law (SNP)
Inter institutional Doctorate in Psychology (SNP)
January 2023

Interinstitutional Doctoral Program in Architecture (SNP)
January 2023

Interinstitutional Doctorate in Social Solidarity Economy (SNP)
January 2023

Medical specialties

Miguel Hidalgo Hospital Centennial

Specialty in Anesthesiology (SNP)
Specialty in Cardiology
Specialty in General Surgery (SNP)
Specialty in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging
Specialty in Medicine of the Critically Ill (SNP)
Specialty in Medicine of Pediatric Patients in Critical Condition (SNP)
Specialty in Internal Medicine (SNP)
Specialty in Pediatric Oncology (SNP)
Specialty in Medical Pediatrics (SNP)
Specialty in Traumatology and Orthopedics (SNP)
Specialty in Nephrology (SNP)

Mexican Social Security Institute

Specialty in Family Medicine (SNP)
Specialty in Surgical Medical Emergencies
Specialty in General Surgery
Specialty in Anesthesiology
Specialty in Internal Medicine (SNP)

Women’s hospital

Specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Aguascalientes Cardiological Hospital

Specialty in Cardiology (SNP)

Autonomous University of Aguascalientes Admission

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Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

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For further details or other queries contact:

Av. Universidad # 940, Ciudad Universitaria, CP 20100, Aguascalientes, Ags. Mexico.

Telephone switch: 449 910 74 00

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