Alejandro de Humboldt University

Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt was named in honour of Alexander von Humboldt, German naturalist and explorer. UAH is a Venezuelan private university sponsored by the Civil Association Educational Humboldt, created by the National University Council in Resolution No. 28 of 25 July 1997 and authorized in its operation by Presidential Decree No. 2.225 of December 1, 1997.

Alejandro de Humboldt University Courses | Programmes

Academic offerings

UAH offers six bachelor’s degree programs and two Engineer’s degree programs known as an Engineer Diploma (abbreviated Dipl. Ing. or DI) Engineering education including eight diploma programs and two master’s degree programs (MBA) through its three schools.

School Social Sciences and Economy

School Engineering

School Humanities and Education.


School of Engineering

Civil Maintenance

Software Engineering

UAH offers the following undergraduate programs:

School of Humanities and Education

Modern Languages

Publicity – Advertising

School of Social Sciences and Economy




Tourism Administration

International Commerce


Research is conducted within the individual colleges. Major interdisciplinary research thrusts include:

Information Technology

Management of science and technology Modelling and simulation

Systems engineering; and robotics.


UAH “Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt” is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education

Alejandro de Humboldt University Tuition Fees | Admission

Admission requirements. Fees structure and details

Details about admission and fees are not provided. BLOCKED WEBSITE.

Contact information: Alejandro Humboldt University Plaza Venezuela Headquarters (Main): Av. Lima, between Plaza Venezuela and Av. Libertador, Alejandro de Humboldt University Building. Caracas 

Phone: (0212) 793.61.40 – 793.02.52

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