University Overview

The University located in Iraq. Current language is Arabic and Kurdish. University Offers: Faculty of Basic Education, Faculty of Education for Pure Science, Faculty of Education for Human Science, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Law and Political Science, Faculty of medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Administration and Economics, Faculty of Islamic Science, Faculty of Fine Arts. The university is a officially registered university with the Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq.

Offered Courses / Faculties

1. Faculty of Basic Education

2. Faculty of Education for Pure Science

3. Faculty of Education for Human Science

4. Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science

5. Faculty of Engineering

6. Faculty of Science

7. Faculty of Law and Political Science

8. Faculty of Medicine

9. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

10. Faculty of Agriculture

11. Faculty of Administration and Economics

12. Faculty of Islamic Science

13. Faculty of Fine Arts

Tuition Fees / Fee Structure

Faculty of Basic Education1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Education for Pure Science1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Education for Human Science1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Engineering1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Science1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Law and Political Science1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Medicine1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Administration and Economics1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Islamic Science1.200 – 2.900 $
Faculty of Fine Arts1.200 – 2.900 $
Housing / Accommodation95 $
Transport Fees2 – 96 $
Cost of Living in Iraq1.500 – 1.700 $
Note: Fees may change. Please make contact with university before making any decision. Feel free contact us!

Admission / Entering Exam

Conditions for Submission
1. The student must have Iraqi preparatory certificate or what is equivalent to it.
2. The student must pass a medical test according to its main items.
3. Morning study student must not join both his/her employment and his/her morning study.
4. All students are interviewed just to determine their eligibility to study according to a particular criteria issued by the college.
5. The student must not submit to more than one channel of direct submission and has no right to retrieve or cancel his/her admission after announcing the results.
6. The student must register in the college within two weeks after announcing the central admission results.
7. The student must submit his/her preparatory document (original copy) authenticated from the general directory in the governorate of his/her school.

Registration Documents
The students have to present the following requirements for their submission to the study:
1. Graduation document authenticated from the general directory, one original form and two other photocopied forms.
2. Iraqi nationality certificate (two photocopied forms).
3. Civil Identity (two photocopied forms).
4. Ration card (two photocopied forms).
5. Up to date six pictures
6. Results of the medical test.
7. Residency card: a colorful photocopy.
8. Document of presenting official items
9. School card
10. The civil ID of the sponsor (two colorful photocopies)

Admission for Masters (Postgraduate) Degree:

Conditions for admission in postgraduate studies (MA, MSc, and Ph.D) press here…. Required documents to submit to postgraduate studies, and is not allowed to submit without the following documents:

  • Graduation document that includes the grade of the applicant (written form and number) year of graduation, and checking the scientific background of the Ph.D applicant by presenting both BA and MA graduation documents.
  • A document of Non-objection for the employees
  • Fulfilling the required lists of information with no corrector.
  • Sign a pledge.
  • The following documents are brought in colored copies (civil identity, certification of civil identity, ration card, 2 colored pictures)
  • All documents are fulfilled by the applicants of political prisoners.
  • Those who have martyrs of their relatives must write documents which will be authenticated of being reliable.  
  • Nominated employees must bring their educational permission within 45 days if not their admission will be cancelled.


The Department of Missions and Cultural Relations at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research offices is now directly involved in all matters of the University of Babylon’s scholarship-based missions outside of Iraq. On the website provided below, the Department of Scholarships delivers a unified system for the diverse needs of scholarship students. Please do not hesitate to contact us using the information provided in this section of the University of Babylon’s website if you have any questions regarding administrative scholarship matters. Webpage:

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