Al Imam Al-Ouzai University

During the civil war that devastated Lebanon in 1395 and 1396 A.H. (1975-1976 C.E.), a number of Muslims examined the problems from which the community was suffering – problems which dated back before the civil war itself – on the social, economic and educational levels. They discovered that there was the potential for a whole new set of difficulties if these problems were not addressed. They, therefore, formed a committee to help alleviate the suffering caused by the tragedy and to work toward stemming the tide of additional setbacks for the community. They realized that offering limited financial aid to the poor and afflicted would not help them, in the long run, to overcome their problems; so they decided to establish a planning center that could help prepare Muslims for the future by predicting possible risks to the community and proposing practical ways to avoid and overcome them. This planning center established a basic system to carry out its mission according to the precepts of Islamic Law. It also defined the tasks that Muslims, both individuals and groups, are required to fulfill. Thus, the Islamic Center for Education began its activities on the 27th of Shawal in 1396 A.H. (October 20, 1976).

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  • Islamic Business Administration
  • Islamic Studies

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