Al Asmarya University of Islamic Sciences

In the corner of Sheikh Abd al-Salam al-Asmar’s corner in the city of Zliten, the birth of the Asmarya Islamic University was, and this was not a coincidence, but an appreciation of the cultural and scientific role played by this corner in our Libyan society. There is no doubt that the existence of the historical legacy of an educational institution for more than five centuries, which is an important element in its path, and is not only a facilitator of the process of transformation and development, but also accelerates the pace towards achieving that goal, as we find this in the establishment of the university by decision No. 257 of the year (1415 AH – 1995 AD) on behalf of the Council of Ministers (formerly the General People’s Committee) to establish the Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences. (formerly the Public Authority for Education and Scientific Research), concerned with religious education and the revival of Islamic heritage within the framework of university education. 

The amendment to the naming of the Asmarya University of Islamic Sciences came in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. (444) of 2013 AD issued on Ramadan 29, 1434 AH corresponding to (7/8/2013 AD) “with a report of some provisions regarding the Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences” which included “Amendment of the naming of the Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences.” The Asmarya University for Islamic Sciences becomes, under the new name (Asmarya Islamic University) , transferring the affiliation of the scientific faculties located in the city of Zliten affiliated to the University of Al-Marqab to the Al-Asmarya Islamic University.

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It specializes in the following:-

1 – Registering students affiliated with the university and preparing annual records and statements that include all information about them.

2 – Preparing statistics and detailed data on the number of students residing at the university according to their gender, nationalities, years of study, division of their specializations and place of residence.

3 – Preparing detailed statistics on students graduating from the university and preparing a university guide for them.

4 – Preparing statistics on irregular students.

5 – Caring for and following up the registration affairs of international students, preparing detailed statistics and submitting the necessary reports on them.

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