Dugsiga Sayniska iyo Teknolojiyada Abaarso | Abaarso School of Scienc and Technology

They believe in nurturing the academic, intellectual, and character development of promising Somali boys and girls, so they can effectively and ethically advance their society as the leader of tomorrow.

Abaarso strives to create great people, not simply great students. Our focus on ethical development “Integrity”, determination “Tenacity”, and rigorous independent thought “Reasoning”, equips students with the characteristics they will need to succeed in international environments, and ultimately, as exemplary leaders of the Somali people.

Abaarso School of Scienc and Technology Offering Programs

Abaarso has already developed tremendous students who’ve achieved more than they previously dreamed possible.  Our ambitious plans for the future are driven by our focus on:

Educational Excellence

Empowering Girls

Exemplary Leaders

The long-term goal is for Abaarso graduates to fully run the school. A 10-year strategic plan is currently being developed for a “network” of elementary schools that can be rolled out across the country to educate tens of thousands more students with a quality early education foundation.

Abaarso students and administrators will open Barwaaqo University, a new women’s-only university, initially focused on a School of Education to train the next generation of Somali primary school teachers. Future expansions will then include a School of Business/Management, School of Information Technology, and potentially a Nursing or Engineering school, to provide Somali women with the core skills required to help build the country’s infrastructure and support their families.


Educating Future Somali Leaders & International Citizens

Education at Abaarso School strives to create great people, not simply great students. Our focus on ethical development (Integrity), determination (Tenacity), and rigorous independent thought (Reasoning), equips students with the characteristics they will need to succeed in an international environment, and ultimately, as leaders of the Somali people. Abaarso students are required to take a 30-hour course week, double their US counterpart private schools, as well as to attend 6 days or classes for 9-months of the year. In addition to class time, teachers assign substantial quantities of homework, including intensive English language reading.




Computer Science


Arabic and Islamic Studies


Growing Character and Improving Fitness While Having Fun

Sports play a large role in Abaarso’s focus on developing the whole child. Whether it is encouraging students to try a new sport such as basketball, honing team play in football, or developing Somalis’ natural gift for running, sports are used to grow the character of our students and bring the school together.






Cross Country




Abaarso Students Get More Than Just an Academic Education

There are many different clubs and activities that supplement the academic education that Abaarso provides its students. Clubs help students find passions and develop confidence outside of traditional school subjects.


Art Club

Film Club

Get Huge






Philosophy Club

Psychology Club

Abaarso School of Scienc and Technology Admission and Requirements

Admissions Entrance Year

Prior to 2014, Abaarso’s entrance year was 9th grade. In 2014, the entry year changed to 7th grade with very few students being added into the other years. The school generally accepts 46 new 7th graders each year, but fewer than 10 total new students from 8th grade to 12th grade. This makes it far more challenging to enter Abaarso after 7th grade.

It is also common for students to finish grade 7 or even grade 8 at their primary school, and then enter Abaarso and go back to 7th grade. The students who do this recognize that the opportunity provided by an Abaarso education is worthwhile, even if it means repeating one or two years.

Abaarso School of Scienc and Technology Fees structure and details

For teaching and volunteering inquiries, please contact us at info@abaarsoschool.org.

For all other inquiries, please contact us at info@abaarsoschool.org or call 508-556-0261.

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